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Southern Italian skincare

I love discovering new and innovative beauty brands and especially those that are family owned.

Meet Roviti Cosmetics - Roviti is the surname of a family originally from southern Italy. Their love for the land and for nature has been transmitted from generation to generation, proudly safeguarding the values of tradition and peasant wisdom.

They are dedicated with passion to the selection and creation of precious ingredients for skin care, using and enhancing the richness of nature with meticulous attention.

That is why when I discovered their skin range I was blown away by the quality and scientific approach to plants and fruits that have geographical relevance to southern Italy and the mediterranean.

The favorite Roviti product I want to share with you is the purifying night cream - it has licorice extract and orange water too

I believe finding a rich and rejuvenating night cream is essential to your skincare regime.

This night cream thankfully has a high concentration of active ingredients whose synergy is particularly suitable for impure skin.

After applying this cream at night I wake up feeling like a fresh rose :)

It contains prickly pear oil, rich in omega 3-6 and phytosterols, able to counteract the sebum of oily skin, responsible for the occlusion of hair follicles which reduces the normal perspiration of the facial skin.

I truly love it!

The cream also makes use of licorice extracts too!

Who knew licorice tasted great but was also beneficial for your skin too! Licorice has the ability to promote skin-radiance.

Licorice extract contains concentrations of flavonoids, such as glabridin, that equip the skin with antioxidant properties.

This night cream also has a natural hydration factor (NMF) and orange water with moisturizing, refreshing, soothing and anti-radical functions, thus completing the action of contrasting the irritations that characterize the impure skins.

To obtain an optimal effect, apply a small amount on the skin of the face for 15 days in the evening before going to bed and massage until completely absorbed. Take a 7-day break and start the treatment again.

So don't turn your back on finding the right night cream for you! Try the Roviti Cream Notte Purificante


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