The future looks bright

Happy 2021 to all!

Here's to a beautiful year ahead.

2020 was a struggle for many and I have hope that the world will return to it's beauty soon!

To help kick off the year right I invested in a pair of sunglasses that will help protect my eyes but also importantly seamlessly blend with my outfits.

I recently discovered Barton Perreira sunglasses that encompass design without compromise.

A mantra I am taking into 2021 - life without compromise. A life where you can be free to travel, meet friends and be yourself without restrictions.

The designer herself describes their glasses as "Our eyewear is timeless. Each frame is a work of art that becomes part of who you are.”

I selected the Demoiselle sunglasses. Designed with a dreamy color palette and glittering geometric-patterned acetate, this oversized style is fanciful and unmistakably Barton Perreira. The unique cutout devises a floating illusion while the titanium trim ensures durable construction.

Here are some select moment from wearing these divine glasses without compromise :)

- Patty Perreira