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Tolna Hills Country Retreat

If you're looking to celebrate, unwind or just get away from it all then I recommend Berky Kuria - the most luxurious and authentic country retreat in beautiful Hungary you could ever find!

Situated in Tolna Hills - this is the beautiful house I choose to celebrate my 4Oth Birthday party with some of my nearest and dearest friends.

This place is very much like your own private boutique hotel - it is equipped with a sauna, jacuzzi, private chef and yes it's very own chapel too - just in case you want to say some Ido's whilst you're there!

We got exceptionally lucky on our visit too as it snowed and the entire place became a winter wonderland! Oh and yes in case you're wondering the place is also ideal for summer retreats too as it has a pool too!

What more could you ask for? Here are some of my magical moments we spent in this truly ideal setting :)

We were so excited to experience a snow weekend in Hungary - what a dream!

My baby girl Manon loved it too - which is something so special about this retreat too - it's perfect for big familes - we were here with 4 other families and there was so much space and fully equipped with kids toys too!

Making myself at home in this stately country estate!

The accommodation was top notch - such beautiful design and very homely too

Did I mention they also had a HUGE kitchen dining table that was perfect for everyone

The food the private chef made was absolutely delicious too! Hungarian specialties

I could get used to this Hungarian country life lifestyle!

And here is tha amzing kids play area - fully equipped with toys so you needn't bring any toys with you!

As I said the entire family just loved being here :)

Some of the fresh regional foods prepared daily for us. This was our private chef - like a hungarian grandma making the best home cooked meals

Oh and that's my best friend holding my baby - I know she looks like me :)

safe to say everyone felt at home here

We decided to try out the jacuzzi in the snow :)

You haven't lived until you're been in a jacuzzi in the snow in Hungary :)

the entire place was beautifully decorated

Each room had it's own decor and luxurious feeling

There are 6 bedrooms in total and they had plenty of highchairs too

and when you step outside you discover...

an onsite chapel - how amazing is that - you can even get married here

It was the ideal retreat for my growing family :)

Thank you Berky Kuria for a truly unforgettable Hungarian countryside experience!



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