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Deia Culinary Delights

When you step onto Spain's most beautiful Balearic Island Mallorca you are instantly overcome with the sweet aroma of the mediterranean sea and drawn to immediately explore the stone built villages and most importantly sample the Mallorcan cuisine.

If you're looking to discover one of the most delicious and secluded restaurants on the island then look no further than Restaurante Sebastian. Perched on the dramatic Deia mountain tops this restaurant delivers the ultimate mediteranian gastronomic experience

Restaurant Sebastian is situated in the northern ridge of the Island approx 50 minutes from Palma. This town attracts some of the world's top celebrities and is home to numerous millionaire hideaway properties. Restaurante Sebastian is located in a former stable over 250 years old with original stone walls and Mallorca benches.

It's the perfect location to take in the breathtaking Mallorcan views and watch the sunset over this idyllic village oasis.

I was recently lucky enough to visit this restaurant that is run by a husband and wife duo. Sebastian is German descent and the head chef and his wife Patricia is Irish born and serves as front of house. These are truly a dynamic duo and make you feel at home as soon as you enter the restaurant.

The seasonal menu showcases Sebastian's Michelin restaurant roots with highly curated and refined meals to meet the most discerning diners culinary choices!

Some of the dishes we had ranged from Langostinos with risotto, mango and cilantro to quail with pickled vegetables and raisins finished with mouthwatering pork belly with sweetcorn in a jalapeno sauce - it was safe to say we were well satisfied when it sadly came time to leave this gorgeous hideaway.

So if you're looking for a place you can truly say is unique, radiant and extremely delectable then make sure you add Restaurante Sebastian to your must-see- must-do Mallorcan experiences!

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