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Elegance is an Attitude

If "Elegance is an attitude" then "Artwork is a legacy" - It was the great and late Karl Lagerfeld that said "´Elegance is an attitude". And it is the talented artist Amber Rose Olivier that has created a truly elegant and vibrant ode to this legendary fashion icon in her latest collection - thus creating a true art legacy!

I was lucky enough to add one to my modern art collection at home - you too can now, as I'm offering all my readers 25% discount on any of Modern Art By Amber artwork with the code JanuaryDiscount2020

Life's pretty peachy with my new artwork from Modern Art By Amber

This piece is so beautiful and truly completes my modern art collection

Had to take a selfie with Karl

Here are some more of my fave art pieces - all currently available to buy from Modern Art By Amber

My one is called the Karl Clan Blue Pop and you can purchase it here

Memorable. Iconic. Bold. Contemporary. Pop. Art.

Discover a new world of iconic art by artist Amber Rose Olivier.

Lagerfeld Purple Pop

Twiggy Black Hat Pop

Frida Kahlo Clan Peach Pop

Toucan Safari Print

The artist Amber describes the motivation of her artwork

"My purpose of creation serves to make people feel excited and energized. I believe in the saying that people will not remember what you said or did but rather how you made them feel.

For this reason the art I create is both memorable and euphoric."

Amber Rose Olivier

Thank you Amber for sharing your vibrant and talented self with us all! I'm so blesses to have a piece of your memorable artwork on my wall!


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