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Fabulous Fabios

If you're looking for high end Italian food and equally sophisticated atmosphere then be sure to add italian fine dining restaurant in Vienna Fabios to you must see list!

I recently dined with some of my Fabulous mummy friends for dear friends farewell - that expat life has many people unfortunately coming and going in one's life and this time my friend Jane is moving to Dubai!

Whilst many adventures await her - we are sad to see her go and wanted to celebrate her in the best way forward - with a fabulous girls night at Fabios of course!

The food and company was next level!

What I love most about this group of friends is we're truly an international group - from Egypt to Hungary to Spain to the Philipines and back to Australia we are a diverse mix and what makes our catchups so exciting!

This beetroot entree was - delicious!

There is the lovely Jane herself - we will miss you JLO!!!

My pepper and cheese gnocchi was unbelievably delicious!

aawww cuties!

please come back and visit us soon JLO!!

Cheers to more fabulous Fabios nights!


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