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Finding my BabyZen with a Double Stroller

YOYO - I have found the ultimate must-have baby accessory - the Babyzen YOYO2 Double Stroller :)

As you know i have 2 babies under 3 and well let's just say simple things like doing the grocery shopping or going to the park seem to be a logistical nightmare until I discovered the YOYO2 connecting stroller!

In a single click it connects two strollers that seamlessly glide along and are so light weight yet durable that you'd wished you had found it earlier.

I was also so surprised how manoeuvrable it is and easy to move. The best thing is also that it is super portable and easy to pack in the car, airplane or even carry over your shoulder.

Check out below just how much both myself, my hubby and my babies love it!

In case you can't see - my hubby is easily holding one of the strollers under his arm - it's super lightweight

It's also incredibly comfortable, my son clearly is relaxed in it!

We literally take it everywhere with us and it's always a lifesaver - no more fighting who gets the stroller, plenty of room for both kiddos!

You can see how happy Manon is in it too :) Thank you Stokke and Babyzen for yet again making our life so much easier !



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