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Freedom to move

When you find yourself going from one child to suddenly 2 babies - well let's just say there are many elements of your life that need to be adjusted.

Whilst you can sometimes be swept up in the love bubble of having a new bundle of joy in the family, it can slip your mind about some of the essentials that might make your life easier.

One of these oversights, at least in my experience was factoring just how I would get my two babies around town with ease.

Whilst I love my strollers, it was just impractical for me to push 2 strollers and whilst I could strap one baby to me whilst pushing another in a stroller, during the summer months the last thing you feel like is being strapped to a baby.

This is when I discovered a game changer of a trailer by BoBike - a 2 in 1 trailer that can comfortably handle my baby and my toddler!

Check out this amazing product below and one I was lucky enough to be gifted for Christmas!

It's safe to say my babies were equally excited for this trailer too!

It's practical and stylish!

What I also love about this trailer is that it is a perfect addition to any outing - from running to the gym to doing errands around town - it's super stylish too!

Also at BoBike they take safety very seriously too and my babies are super safe in this trailer too!

Thank you BoBike it was the most special and most practical Christmas present I could have hoped for!


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