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Grand Etage Dining

When it comes to Austrian cuisine, you know you're always in for a sweet treat when you visit Vienna.

The capital of Austria, Vienna offers the most superb food. That is why when it comes to Valentines Day and wanting to spend a special dinner with your nearest and dearest then it is super important to select a restaurant that not only exudes luxury and opulence but also matches it with equally refined and outstanding food. That is why when I saw Grand Etage the exclusive members-only club on the rooftop floor of the beautiful Grand Ferdinand hotel was putting on a special Valentines night dinner then I knew I just had to be there!

My husband and I attended this extravagant 3 course meal with wine-pairing on Valentines Day and it was truly a memorable experience.

Here are some of my highlights from the evening - oh and before you ask, yes we did take one of our babies to the restaurant with us and they were extremely kid friendly despite the very adult and sophisticated atmosphere they set us up with a beautiful table with plenty of room to park the pram too :)

Did I mention that the restaurant is located on the top rooftop floor of the Grand Ferdinand hotel and this horse statue greets you in the hotel foyer - setting the scene for pure opulence as you walk in the door!

The table was beautifully decorated - I felt truly loved as soon as I walked into this grand setting.

The table was set perfectly for our Valentines themed date with red and pink rose petals and beautiful tableware

The level of details throughout the entire restaurant to the Valentines Day theme was just divine

The chandeliers were also a highlight - no pun intended :) First course was a buffet and it was delicious

For main I ordered the risotto with trout and scampi

My husband went for the red meat option and both meals were scrumptious - just delicious and very generous portions too!

I was one happy lady the entire night, I literally couldn't stop smiling all night long.

Another reason for my smile is our baby miraculously slept the entire time we were there too, so we could enjoy dinner slowly :) Proof of the sleeping baby below

Which gave us more time to indulge in the beautiful wines and champagne.

We couldn't help but to get one family pic with the famous horse statue on the way out too :)

And some quick pics from getting ready for my date night with my baby girl Manon

A pink rose for my favourite girl!

Thank you again Grand Etage for an unforgettable evening and if you're curious about their Member-Only services for private dining and private parties check out more here.



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