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My Prince Charming

So it's official - my little boy turned 3!

It is true what they say, being a parent, the days are long but the years are fast. Too fast.

Gulp, I remember him as a baby like it was yesterday and I figured this would probably be the last year I could do such a sweet themed birthday theme, as I'm sure from next year onwards it's all spider man, batman and super hero enthused parties.

So this year I took the indulgent step of throwing my true Prince Charming son a :Prince Charming Birthday party.

For me birthdays have always been an important celebration and some might say "Why throe such a big party for a little boy when he won't even remember it" to that I say because I love him and I'm sure he will enjoy it and yes was I right! He absolutely loved it and who wouldn't I even ordered a gigantic jumping castle too.

Here are some of my favourite highlights from the fun day!

The table was set!

There were storm clouds before the guests arrived and I was worried there could be rain but alas it didn't rain!

It's all in the details - HK - My Prince!

The cake was - well just perfect :) Thank you Baking With V for this masterpiece

Finally the guests arrived

Who said kids parties are just for kids! I couldn't stop smiling all day :)

I felt like true royalty receiving all the wonderful gifts as everyone arrived

Everyone was so sweet and brought so many amazing presents - Henley doesn't need another toy for at least a year lol

Then it was cake time!

Henley was mezmerized by the cake!

everyone loved it!

especially Henley :)

Then it was time for presents again - I can't believe he's 3 but he will always be my little prince :)


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