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Porto Christo Nights

If you're looking for a place in Mallorca that is authentic, has spectacular views and equally impressive seafood then look no further than Porto Christo.

I recently visited this beautiful location with my dear Viennese friends who wanted to experience the true "Mallorca" dinner. So what better way then to take in the island life than paella by the seaside.

Perched on top of the beautiful rolling cliffs of Porto Cristo is the iconic and I say iconic as it's literally my fave spot to go to for delicious paella and sunset goals called Sa Pedra

Here are some highlights from the evening and disclaimer.... I experienced the night with toddlers. Yes all our friends have toddlers and if you know about dining with these creatures well it can be challenging at times to say the least BUT thanks to these views and let's be honest a tiny bit of mobile screen time, all adults were able to enjoy a relaxing and delicious island dinner!

And for those wondering my outfit is courtesy of Mango, bag from Louis Vuitton and jewels from Swaroski

If you know me then you know I love a good pastel color!

Ok enough posing - now back to our dinner goals!

I recommend exploring the local marina before dinner!

Also these photos are by the wonderful Victoriak Photo

Always time for a selfie with these one:)

And with bubba too!

Endless summer wondering with this one

One of my bestie's taking in the local sites!

I call her my Giselle :)

Now back to dining with babies!

The struggle is real

At least she's wearing Jacardi !!! hahaha

Love these two!

Cheers dear!

Homeward bound with our friends and full tummies!

Until next time Porto Christo!

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