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Safari At Home

Ever dreamed of going on safari? Well I know i have multiple times but never did I imagine that I could create my very own colourful safari world right here at home :)

It wasn't until I started designing my kids new bedroom in our new apartment that I realised anything is possible. Especially thanks to Munks & Me - the print house that offers the most exquisite choices in wallpaper design!

I choose the Urban Safari Wallpaper Mural design for Manon's bedroom and I am so happy with the result. It looks amazing and Manon is so in love with it too!

Take a look for yourself!

It's so beautiful - I could literally stare at it all day!

It makes the perfect play room for my kids

We are constantly playing games and discovering the animals

Who knew that wallpaper could be so colourful and fun!

Yup the entire family is excited for this wallpaper

And for those curious about how we put the wallpaper on - below are some photos - as you can see we got a professional to install it but you can see how brilliantly it came together :)

It's really a dream come true this mural wallpaper

If you're looking for a wallpaper company I can truly recommend Munks & Me.

Especially if you want to create a safari at home :)



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