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Spanish Family Holidays

There is no better place than to celebrate a family reunion than the tropical island of Mallorca!

I hadn't seen my dad for nearly 4 years due to the pandemic and thankfully with the opening of borders my father and mother were able to visit me in Europa and finally meet their grand children.

To celebrate we explored Mallorca together, eating tapas at every available opportunity and taking in the beautiful mediterranean sunshine!

Here are some snippets of some of our special family time together :) #SpanishStyle thanks to YSL

my little Manon - all smiles!

A lot of people asked where I got this dress, sorry to disappoint but it was a vintage find from a little second had store in Mallorca!

Back to the entire fam bam!

So special seeing my Dad with my little boy Henley

And by popular demand here are some pics with my YSL bag and vintage find dress!

I paired it with these pink shoes - the perfect combo!

I must admit I felt like a Spanish princess in this attire :)

These are some of my fave shots!!


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