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Lucid NYC

Looking for an inspiring and thought provoking salon series talks? Look no further than Lucid NYC.

Run by entrepreneur and thought leader Julian Lion Boxenbaum.

I attended the recent Lucid NYC salon series at the popular night spot Drom in East Village.

The event covered everything from Moonshots, 10x Thinking, happiness at work, behavioral science, how to succeed in a new 3D printing business, AND a Special Report on the SpaceX Hyperloop Design Competition.

If you're not familiar with Lucid NYC it is a similar set up to that of a mini - ted talk series.

The night I attended all the presenters were female - truly inspirational and successful women from all walks of life and industry took centre stage to share with us their works and future endeavors.

The night consists of live music and short presentations of mind-blowing projects by the thought leaders who envisioned them. I was lucky enough to catch up with each presenter back stage too!

Check out some of the highlights from the night and my one-on-one interviews with the ladies themselves!

Wearing my Joe's jeans thanks to wantable the personal stylist app!

Upon entering the venue we were greeting with the energetic beats of Gregorio Uribe.

With the man of the hour - Julian Lion Boxenbaum

For many years Lucid has been a source for discovery, ahead of the curve on showcasing top talent and innovative projects before they are known by the mainstream. Examples: Jonah Peretti, founder of Buzzfeed, at Lucid 2009; Ayah B'deir, founder of Littlebits, at Lucid 2012; and Jonathan Batiste, newly appointed bandleader of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (huge congrats, Jon!), at Lucid 2012.

Here is a video with the highlights from the presentations:

First up was Julian's presentation on this work with Hyperloop - the vessel that can transport 20 people from San Fran to LA in 35 minutes!!!

Next up was Keagan - CEO and Founder of SOLS. A innovative customized inner sol company that is using 3D modeling technology to forge the path in comfort meets innovation.

I was able to chat with Kegan a Forbes 30 under 30 nominee after her presentation and am happy to announce that if you order a SOLS inner soul just enter the code JanuaryDiaries to receiive $25 off!

Kegan Schouwenburg, who was Forbes ‘30 Under 30’ list for 2015 and Inc. Magazines '30 Under 30' for 2015.

SOLS has leveraged technology to path the way for healthier feet and happy customers. SOLS is the first company to scale 3D printing via a data driven, end-to-end platform for mass customization. SOLS has raised nearly $20 million.

At this Lucid event, Kegan focused on the future of mass customization as it relates to our bodies and specifically footwear. Kegan quite possibly also had the best haircut of the night - she is one stylish Girl Boss!

Next up was the woman forging the way for Moon Shots and the pursuit for the next big idea that could hep make our world a better place - introducing Katy Kasmai - founder of Team Exponent

Here is my interview with Kegan, Katy and Julian

My overall take away from the evening was this - if you have an idea - just DO it - ideas are everywhere but putting them into action is the only way to see if it will prevail - failure is not failure - if it doesn't work then it will lead you somewhere where something else will - everything is a learning tool and we only learn through action - so dream big but remember actions make movement!!!

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