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Electric Love

What is the best EDM festival in the world you ask?


Every summer in Salzburg Austria the fields come alive - literally with the sound of electronic music

This year the January Diaries team traveled to the Austrian countryside to listen to some awesome beats and meet some of the worlds most talented DJ's - headliner acts included Hardwell, Yellow Claw and Martin Garrix to name a few

And yes we got to go backstage - access all areas to meet these DJ's and bring you exclusive interviews - but first things first - we had to meet the actual festival goers to find out what it is about this EDM festival that truly makes it the best in the world

pretty excited as I prepare to interview the best DJ's in the world!

just some of my fellow festival-going crew!

ok so is this how you dance electronic music style :)

thinking about all the fun we're going to have this weekend!

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