Say French Cheese

What tastes better than French cheese and fine wine? Yes that's a hard question.

Well if that question has you complexed then meet the French Cheese Board that just opened a signature store in Soho, New York.

This store celebrates everything French cheese, art and culture - not only can you sample some of the finest cheese from France but the architecture and design of this store is truly - out of this world or should I say "incroyable"

It seems when it comes to fine art, food and great conversation the French know a thing or two and the same applies to their passion for cheese!

Step inside the magical world of French cheese! Even the brochures were a work of art.

Let's sample some fine wine nd cheese together - see the highlights from this store opening here

With the French Cheese Board communications director

some cheeses upclose and kinda personal!

this one was yummy!

posing with my best cheese :)

Say cheese!

I clearly couldn't decide which cheese I liked most!

Tomme Des Pyrenees - I mean who doesn't like a cheese from the Pyrenees

the cutest baby cow figurine I've ever seen on a cheese!

more cheese!

cheese banquet

champagne oclock!

good French company!

Wih the man who oversees the entire French Cheese Board project.

Such a culinary treat attending this French soiree - if you're in Soho I recommend you check out this place and sample some of this exquisite french cheese and experience a little of the 'La Belle Vie'.

Giving some cheese to this lady :)