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Brace For It - It's My Birthday

If you know me then you know I'm a January baby!

And to all those January babies out there - born in January can be both a blessing and a hindrance as sometimes it's refreshing to start the new year with another celebration but on the down side alot of gifts you get are repurposed xmas gifts lol :) and sometimes people are celebrated out.

But whichever the reason I always make a point of celebrating my birthday! I normally have a party but this year we have a lot going on as we are renovating our new house, I'm traveling to Australia this year (finally) and just seemed too much to organise a big party. Also I tore a tendon in my ankle and am with an ankle brace for wait for it... 6 weeks - so alas I decided to grab some of my closest girlfriends and head to my favourite Croatian restaurant in 8th District in Vienna. If you like seafood then the restaurant Konoba is a must!!

Here are some highlights from my birthday night and mmm the ankle brace made it's debut too!

Dress from UK Glamorous, Shoes from Bershka, earrings from Dior and bag from YSL

So I need to explain, the entire outfit was based off what would suit my ankle brace and I had limited options as my ankle brace won't fit into heels of any shape so I had to find platforms that gave me height but comfort and functionality was a MUST! Now I know what you're thinking, not more Barbie content - but these Barbie shoes from Bershka were so so comfortable I just had to do it and personally I think they are pretty cute too!

Here they are in all their glory and yes they fit my ankle brace so it was a big YES from me!

I then knew my UK Glamourous dress was perfect for this doll-like theme but then something profound happened.. I found another pair of Bershka shoes but this time pink ones that literally matched my dress perfectly!

It was decided I had found my outfit - now to embelish it with a little YSL

And some dior earrings

Just like that this ankle braced lady was ready to celebrate!

My fave seafood restaurant in Vienna Konoba

My girls!

And some cheeky cocktails at the Lark Cocktail bar to close out the fabulous evening!


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