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A Viennese Ball Gown

Living in Vienna has numerous perks and one of those is most definitely

Ball season!

It's the January/February time of year that the palaces of Vienna are filled with the footsteps and gowns that make fairytales come true!

This year I wanted to experience a Viennese Ball with a classic ball gown that exuded classiness with a touch of opulence to match the magnetic atmosphere of Viennese Ball and I'm happy to say I did just that by discovering this Ukranian fashion brand Demarush

Founded in 2015 and now they have a flagship store in beautiful 1st district in Vienna.

I choose this particular dress. It was perfectly elegant with a touch of flare!

Here are some highlights from my fairytale evening at the Hofburg Palace

Arriving at the Hofburg Palace in Demarush I truly felt like a star

this dress was just perfect for the evening - not only chic but also super comfortable too! My perfect dancing companion but I also did bring along my hubby to to ensure I had the perfect hot date too :)

Despite it being a rainy night this Demarush dress ensured I felt like a Queen all night long :)

And my Louis Vuitton bag was the cute accessory for the dress too!

And here's a few pics from inside the Ball too!

I also accessorised the dress with a Dolce & Gabbana watch

And a fun fact - this was the same Ball I went to 5 years ago on my first date with my husband :) So it was quite the special night!

Can't wait to come back again next year already and maybe in another stunning Demarush Ball gown!



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