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Urban Jungle Fever

When it comes to decorating your children's bedrooms what better way than to create an urban jungle!

This is exactly the opportunity I recently had to wallpaper our kids bedroom. So both my little ones share an enormous bedroom but I wanted to find a way to customize their bedroom so that it felt like their own unique space all within 1 big room.

I am happy to say we have finished the first installation of the wallpaper thanks to Munks & Me

For Henley I choose Jungle Wallpaper Mural Charcoal . My apartment colors are black, white with a pop of pink and whilst I was cautious if charcoal would be "Kid Friendly" enough, I decided it was a fun yet sophisticated choice for my 3 years old\s space. When selecting a wallpaper company, there is so much choice out there but I found a lot of the choices available for kids rooms a bit well, simplistic. That's why when I discovered Munks & Me, I was literally overjoyed as they had playful yet sophisticated options for kids rooms.

Just wait though, Manon's side of the room is very different to Henley's but you will have to wait and see the color palette I choose for Manon. This boog post is to focus on Henley's side of the room.

I also was personally fascinated with the wallpaper installation process and can say Munks & Me provide fool proof instructions on how to apply the wallpaper yourself but I did opt for the professional handy man to do it just because with 2 young kiddos I didn't want to do too much plus I wanted perfection so I opted for the professionals!

And the result.. well you can see for yourself below!

I was so excited to get started with this project!

For those that don't know when wallpapering it's best to have a matt paint finish - unfortunately we had a gloss finish on the wall which meant the handymen had to treat the wall first before they could apply the wallpaper

So thank ful to have these guys doing the hard yards!

Please note you may not have to treat your walls before applying the paper - we just had gshiney paint finish so they needed treating.

As you can see it's a huge room so wallpapering it was a super fun project!

Seeing it go on was SO satisfying!

I love how it's a charcoal color but has pops of color, like the Toucan and wait there is a pink flamingo too!

I could literally stare at this all day :)

The details of this wallpaper is superb!

Beyond happy with this wallpaper and excited to start the second half of the room now too with a different print! #StayTuned and here's a link to this wallpaper for those wanting to know more

Also if you're looking for wallpaper inspo and recommendations I can also recommend Munks & Me online Magazine



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