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Salamanca Wharf Hotel

I recently visited the majestic island of Tasmania, Australia. I wanted to experience a hotel that was not only situated in the heart of the Hobart harbor forsehore but also close enough to the shops, restaurants and bars for easy exploring - solution = I discovered Salamanca Wharf Hotel - a luxurious apartment stye hotel with a penthouse that puts most other penthouses to shame!

I stayed in this spacious and luxurious hotel that made me feel really almost as if I lived in Salamanca - the penthouse had a homely yet sophisticated feel and with a nautical touch!

Also this hotel overlooks a beautiful park called "Princess Park"

Additionally they also have the best cafe within the hotel that serves probably the yummiest eggs benedict I've ever had!

Ok so breakfast aside I want to show you this place - and also the magical city centre that is Salamanca Place and all the bars, art galleries and artisan shops that truly combines old old charm with new world luxuries.

See my video showcasing this hotel and Salamanca city centre here

Did I mention this place is perfect for my blogging life too!

That blogging life :)

happiness just might be a penthouse in Salamanca!

Time to kick back on this uber comfy leather sofa - it was so cosy I literally didn't want to get up!

I think I've officially got the travel bug - that is the bug that makes you want to never stop traveling - hotels like this make it oh so lovely to travel this beautiful globe!

planning my next trip already :)

Also did I mention this hotel also has an awesome espresso machine! It's official I'm never leaving lol - well only to show you the gorgeous city centre of Salamanca

some of the locals :)

I reckon he takes a good photo :)

oh and my trip wouldn't be complete without my trusty walking companies Melissa shoes

also I could be mistaken for being in Amsterdam - no I'm in Salamanca but it feels so European too! Thank you Salamanca Wharf Hotel and Hobart for this truly relaxing holiday!


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