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Celebrity Mallorca

Well it's not everyday that you're on the front page of a magazine alongside the likes of John Cleese or Rafa Nadal - on Celebrity Mallorca

But I can say I am super happy and humbled to be alongside these great legends representing my love for the magnificent Balearic island of Mallorca.

Yes it's certainly home to many rich and famous people including Sir Richard Branson himself!

Over the past 2 years I have come to call Mallorca my second home or as the Spanish would say "Mi Segunda Casa" - it's an island filled with such diverse and authentic Spanish landscape and experiences.

Check out the latest edition of "Celebrity Mallorca" magazine on shelves now throughout Mallorca and also online here

If you're ever in Mallorca make sure you also check out my top tips!


You must visit the mind-blowing tramuntana mountains on the way to the picturesque towmn of Deia


If you happen to be in Mallorca at just the right time during summer then also make sure you experience the Copa Del Rey yacht race


La Tiendas - where do you start 0 just make sure you take at least one day to wonder and discover the beauty and treasures in the Mallorcan shops


And my fave restaurant in Mallorca is situated in Dei - the beautiful Restaurant Sebastian!

And here are some highlights from my photo shoot there thanks to the wonderful Oscar Lagarrotxa photographer - check out his instagram

Special shout out to O-bag for my matchy matchy bag too!

On top of the world - literally in Mallorca over looking the old historic pueblo

Yup definitely feeling like a celebrity in Mallorca thanks to Celebrity Mallorca

And yas my hubby of course was there too!

happiness is Mallorca and your main man!

The Spanish architecture throughout Mallorca is breathtaking - just follow me to see :)

hola bella ciudad "Mallorca"

Special thanks to Celebrity Mallorca Magazine for this feature article documenting my love for storytelling and the places and people I meet!


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