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Project Me

Being pregnant is probably the most decadent thing I've ever done for myself. It's a project truly for yourself - hence the title of this post "ProjectMe"

To be honest I put off Motherhood for many years thinking.. could I do it?, what if I couldn't get pregnant? and would I be a good mother?.. these questions naturally plagued my thoughts but let me tell you nothing has ever felt more natural than having a baby and try not to second guess yourself as nature will always run it's course.

And of course questions about physical appearance are natural - will my boyfriend still think I'm sexy if I'm Pregnant? What will I wear etc etc - my recommendation is find a good bra company and stick to it - having a good and let's face it sexy maternity bra can make all the difference - and when it comes to comfort and aesthetics one bra company that makes being pregnant glamorous is Hotmilk Lingerie and their sister brand ProjectMe Intimates

This nursing bra is my all time favourite - it's called the Warrior Balconette Cocoa Caramel Contour Nursing Bra

with a little film noir edge :) thank you ProjectMe Intimates for making me feel so beautiful being pregnant!

and before i forget I just love this new Sia song too! Really encapsulates how I feel about being pregnant


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