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Let Them Eat Flowery Cake

If you have a sweet tooth for desserts and an eye for all things decadent then you're in the right place!

I recently celebrated my children's christening. It was a superb celebration in our backyard filled with our nearest and dearest.

When I set out to design the celebration I wanted to incorporate 3 main colors - pink - green and gold. Pink to symobilize my daughter Manon and Green to represent my son and the gold to bind them together.

I searched for cake artists that push the boundaries in cake making and discovered the incredibly talented

You can see the wonderful flowery cake creation she made here:

The cake matched the setting perfectly! These were actually REAL flowers too - just divine roses and peonies

You can also discover more of Jules cake creations on her instagram here:

And someone was extra excited for the cake and patiently waited all day for it :)

And when I tell you it all was worth the wait you know it was - although it was such a piece of art i felt bad cutting the cake but all good things must come to an end and this cake was too delicious not to eat!

It's safe to say all the guests and my family truly loved this spectacular creation! And in case you were wondering it was vanilla raspberry flavor. Vanilla sponge filled with raspberry buttercream and the top layer was pistacchio cream.

Thank you Sweet Art By Jules for making our day even sweeter :)

Did I mention that Jules also made some divine macarons to match the cake with both Manon's and Henley's initials on them:

It was the most sweet picture perfect setting i could have wished for!


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