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Mutable the Multi-Activity table

If you have toddlers then you know that play time needs to effective if it's to capture the imaginations of your little ones.

I am happy to say that I've discovered the perfect "Crafting Table, for my kids thanks to the Stokke MuTable

It's the perfect size that fits in your living room without commanding too much space and allows both babies and toddler to safely explore the wonderful world of drawing and crafting.

I has 4 different heights to adapt to growing toddlers & children and it includes 4 double-sided play boards for 7 activities & natural wood cover. Did I also mention that it's an Award-winning design made with natural wood. Making it versatile, durable and easy to clean-up. Oh and it comes in 3 different colors so it can fit most decors of the house too!

What more could you ask for in a crafting/playtime table for the kids?

Here's some highlights with just how much my kids LOVE it!

oh and did I mention it's super easy to install too - it took us about 1 hr and the entire family had a lot of fun putting it together too!

happy kids = happy mum!

even my 15 month old baby girl loves it!

My inner child loves it too :)

I mean just look a our faces - hours of fun!

Can you tell Manon was extra excited about it!

These are the fabuoous dolls house playkit that comes with it too!

It;s simply fantastic for playtime!

It's a dream come true having such wonderful toys for my babies!

Thank you Stokke!


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